"Being grateful will make you happy, and being happy will give you the power to transform your life.”

Larissa Nusser is the creator of I Am Empowered Yoga a yoga class designed to bring the yoga practitioner to a new level of self awareness. By incorporating yoga and positive affirmations, the yogi can find strength from within to, release old habits, cleanse energy centers, reaffirm to themselves who they really are, and thereby move forward and transform their lives.

Larissa is a Motivational Speaker, Certified Yoga Instructor with Integral Yoga and Yoga Alliance, and a Certified Life Coach with Coach Training Alliance. She co-owns the You Can Do It Yoga Center in Staten Island, NY. She is also a Certified Laughing Yoga Instructor through the American Academy of Laughing Yoga. Recently, she became an Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner with the NLP Center of New York.

After being diagnosed with MS in 2000, Larissa attended Integral Yoga of Princeton and earned her 200-hour certification to teach yoga. She is qualified to teach all levels ranging from Chair Yoga to Advanced Yoga, as well as Laughing Yoga.

Beyond managing a full-time career, Larissa, mother of two, also spreads her power and encouragement to others across the country through her many speaking engagements and yoga classes. In 2010 Larissa was the keynote speaker at the Scottsdale AZ WAMS Luncheon and in both 2009 and 2010, Larissa had the honor of being the start line speaker at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s (NMSS) Staten Island MS Walk. “I would love to see people get moving and be the catalyst that starts them on the road to transforming their life!” Larissa continues to find something everyday that makes her happy, so she can provide motivation for others who may benefit from seeing her as an example in action.

Larissa is also the co-creator of You Can Do It Yoga for MS™ a yoga training class for people with MS. She has two You Can Do It Yoga For MS™ DVD’s which are at home instructional videos. Larissa and her co-creator, Denise Nizzare, have also designed an associated yoga teacher training to go along with the You Can Do It Yoga For MS™ Class so that other teachers may be able to teach patients with MS.

Additionally, Larissa is currently working on a book documenting her journey and transformation.